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Winner, Nautilus Silver Award The Toltec I Ching


The Toltec I Ching

Autumn 2011

Diviner's Workshop

Diviner's Workshop 2011
Unravel the mysteries hidden all around us in nature

You are invited to join William Douglas Horden, author of The Toltec I Ching, for a 3-day intensive training in the Art of Divination. This is a unique opportunity to spend time with a master diviner who has been trained in the ancient oracular traditions of both the ancient Taoists and Toltecs.

The Toltec I Ching is both a vehicle for increasing good fortune and guiding self-transformation. As with older versions of the I Ching, it is both an Oracle and a training manual for the spirit warrior.

The workshop is limited to 8 participants and will be held amid the renowned beauty of Southern Oregon.

Besides classroom time studying the topics below, time will be set aside to spend out in natural settings to develop the shamanic sensitivities that enhance divinatory skills.


  • The mechanics of consulting the oracle
  • The nature-symbology of the trigrams and how to translate them into everyday life
  • The secret hexagrams
  • The 12-month unfolding Oracle
  • The pre-Columbian divinatory manuscripts and their Toltec symbology
  • Shamanic nature walks
  • The shamanic worldview
  • Living the Spirit Warrior Lifeway
  • Growing the Trigram-Senses
  • Attracting Spirit Allies
  • General guidelines of working with people
  • Inspired divination for self and others
  • How to interpret a reading beyond what is on the page
  • Bringing your own experience to the interpretation

If this sounds like the next step on your path that you've been looking for, feel free to contact us by clicking here for more information.

When: September, 2011

Where: Roseburg, Oregon

Cost: $500 (does not include room or lodging)

(If you desire, we may be able to arrange for you to stay with a local family)

William Douglas Horden
William Douglas Horden

William Douglas Horden has researched indigenous divinatory systems of ancient China and Mexico for more than 40 years. He is steeped in the shamanic world view from living in the Copper Canyon of Mexico with the Tarahumara Indians and in numerous other indigenous communities over the past few decades. William was initially trained in the I Ching by Master Khigh Alix Dhiegh and has since developed a fresh new approach to the ancient art. He currently lives in Roseburg, Oregon and Coatepec, Mexico.